Alterpages is a web builder designed by Altervista for webmaster that don't need a complex CMS as Wordpress or Joomla because they only want to create a simple web site as presentation for a business or an interest.

Alterpages allows you to create a website by placing widgets into your pages. Every page contains a header and a footer area, a sidebar and a content area and you can place widgets in one of them.

Header, footer and sidebar areas are shared between all site's pages, so if you put a "Site title" widget into the header you will see it in the whole site, but widgets placed into the content area will be visible only in that one single page. So you can build your site placing things here or there as needed.

There is a veriety of widgets, some are really simple, others require a bit of configuration. So, for example, you can place the Guestbook widget without setting anything, but the "YouTube" widgets requires a YouTube URL to display something.

As for any Altervista site you can earn money from your site visits. The only thing you need to do is to place the "Adv Banner" widget in your pages. Immediately you will start to earn money from every new site visitor that day. If you want more you can bind your AdSense account to Altervista and place select the "Altervista with Google AdSense" banner who will pay when clicked.

Do you want to try Alterpages? Well, just register a free Altervista account. When your account is activated you can choose Alterpages as one of the initial options. You can install it in your web space main folder or in a subfolder, it's your choice.

There is also a tutorial site for Alterpages made with Alterpages, you will find there a lot of knowledge you can use. And if you have still some question you can ask it on our support forum.

That's all, so I hope to see you soon playing with it since I've developed Alterpages and I think it's worth. Bye!