My Apps

Some years ago I started to try to develop an application for Symbian when Qt becames the predefined framework for Symbian^1. Not very successfull.

Then recently I tried Android with a native application falling into a Java hell with many time spent for a poor result. I don't really like Java because everythings seems to be as complicated as possible and Android adds an addictional layer of complication.

After that I found Cordova (aka PhoneGap) and I really like it! It just wraps a webview into a minimalistic app! This has many advantages. If you are mainly a web developer you can use all your knowledge with HTML, CSS and Javascript and you can deploy your app on almost any platform without any change! Just compile it and load it on the store. Maybe in some situations things will be a bit more complicated, but not soo much.

This way I've developed 2 applications for now: Pend Wars, a strategic game clone, and Racing1 Data, a collection of all data about Formula1 from 1950 to now.

And my web apps