Burraco Online

Burraco Online

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Buraco (sometimes written Burraco) is an amazing card game for 4 players similar to Rummy. It was created in 1940 in Uruguay and Argentina and is now played everywher. The word "buraco" is portoguese for "hole", referred to the negative points that can be scored by players.

Playing Buraco is not that difficult and you can easily learn it by quickly reading the rules and that immediately going to have a game. If you are already familiar with card games you will became a decent player within a couple of games and a good player in a few more one.

Buraco is played in couples, so you always need a mate. Playing often with the same one will help you because you will be able to know what your mate is doing in that moment and how you can help him. You cannot talk with him, but you can observe what he is doing and so understanding what's going on.

Buraco Online helps you to find other players to play with as any online service, and, not less important, you can play online with any device: PC, Mac and tablet. You can even play with a smartphone, but the small screen will be not so comfortable.

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